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J'ai testé AROS l'amiga OS libre pour PC

Aros is at amiga OS 3.1 what linux is at unix: a free, compatible and modernized port that runs on pc (no need for specific hardware too expensive and too pushy)


The project Aros was born in 1993, taking inspiration from linux the idea was to completely rewrite a free and compatible amiga bone that could run on pc.
  • Currently 95% of the project is successful, "workbench" is called "Wanderer" on ARos, "Mui" is called "Zune" etc
  • he is "Source compatible" amiga os 3.1 , It is enough to recompile the amiga programs on Aros, but it is also "Binary compatible" by emulation pusqu'il embarque UAE (JanusUAE) and AmiBridge which allows to launch directly the amiga disks (ADF) with a maximum of ease (cf at the end of article: "whdmenu").
  • he Turn on pc Or other, to take advantage of modern and cheap equipment (cpu multicore, nvidia cards ...). So for the purists a pc is not an amiga, it is true that it bleeds the heart at first, but on the other hand as said this summer Dave Haynie (one of the fathers of hardware amiga) in Amiga Future # 85: put a power pc in a new amiga of religious fundamentalism (the amiga X1000 that will come out late 2010 will cost in the 1,500 euros) ...
  • It can be installed of course, but it is also distributed live dvd and in version VM (virtual machine)
  • And above all it brings all that is lacking to the amiga os 3: to note the Support for usb (Stack poseidon) Internet (Dhcp, browser "owb", messaging, msn client ...), video (Mplayer!), Drawing (lunapaint, xfig), updated via internet ( liveupdater ), 2D / 3D acceleration With some video cards ( "new" driver), gcc compiler with full IDE, support for SDL and openGL , Transparency menus etc etc (and even an office since google doc works on owb).

But it is also a Where you can find all the new games / software / demos Aros (1) ), With many portages like on amiga os4, SDL obliges.

And a developer / forum center named Aros-Exec:

The Aros machines:

BIEN on it is necessary to choose the elements before assembling a pc for Aros and to fully benefit from the system, in particular only some graphics cards will benefit from the hardware acceleration 2D and 3D ( ).

But 2009 and 2010 were decisive for this project which finally arrives at a stable and usable level, to the point that 2 dedicated machines Have been born, they are in fact mini pc stamped Aros with material chosen to be 100% compatible: Imica Distributed by ClusterUK ( ) and I' AresOne Distributed by Vesalia ( ) And assembled by Pasacal Papara ( ).
Note that Pascal Papara redistributes most of the benefits for "bounties projects" which have for example allows to write the driver "new" which allows the acceleration 2D / 3D on some maps nvidia.

The distributions of Aros:

As on linux with ubuntu, fedora etc, there are 2 main distributions of Aros:

Is the official distribution, offered directly on the Aros site ( ), The full version "icaros live DVD" (allows to test from the dvd and then install if you like) weighs 550MB:

Broadway : A custom distribution made by Pascal Papara for AresOne, resolutely oriented Media center (with AMC a layer media center house under development) and with a dark skin (I do not like too much). The distribution is refocused on essential and stable tools (so a less large ditrib), to note a linux upgrade / install system with broadway up2date, a quickstarter and if you buy an AresOne at Vesalia you will have with Broadway one Pack "AliveX" containing a registration key for Frypan (engraving), Cinnamon Writer, Art Effect 4 68k version and an oem version of Amiga Forever (with amiga roms to run all old games on whdload) .
To load broadway only:
To buy a complete AresOne with Broadway:

Installation of Icaros 1.2.3 (from live dvd):

From the live DVD ( ), You arrive on a workbench (renamed Wanderer thus) modern while retaining what we have [v | m] on amiga os3. And on the desktop, next to the icon Ram disk, the DVD icon and the documentation PDF (where you learn lots of useful things, such as dhcp is to be avoided for better performance or you can choose To the boot on the grub menu which driver to use depending on the graphics card), And there is an icon to install!

The installer is modern, allows to repartition, to use the free space or to install on a usb key if your pc can start in usb, that is what I did (with a compact 4GB flash card And a CF / usb adapter, to install on multiboot hard disk see below):
- we choose "wipe disk" and "usb" which prepares the card, then the installer asks to retier / reset to take into account the new partition table and to restart the installer.
- we start again and this time we choose "use existing Aros partition", next screen one then chooses the groups of tools to install (me I put everything), then I did not touch (well left ticked "formatter" ), Next screen (grub) nothing touched, then we validate and it's gone my titsi ...

(With trutype: ')), C with all the old commands, libs (with the old ones Rexx.library but also mesa.library or usb.library!), Locale, prefs, system (with themes), tools (hdtoolbox etc), demos, and extras Ticked the development, it took me more than an hour): Amibridge with the emulator UAE and Amistrart the toolmanager brist, but also lunapaint, arosPDF, Frypan (engraving), Dopus, Gallium and full of games ...
what emotion ! what an adventure !!!


At the boot you have to choose the right option of grub according to your graphics card, I think it is positioned on the right choice but in any case it also allows to test and enjoy the latest features on more exotic drivers And you can of course set up grub afterwards so that it is positioned directly on the right choice and reduce the waiting time if you want.

And it boots in 10 seconds! What happiness, the first time you are asked if you want to activate AmiStart (the menu bar way Dock down), transparency, etc. then you configure the network (for now avoid the dhcp for perfs, it is written In the doc!).

And it's gone, unlike versions of 3 or 4 years ago with icons cartoons and crashes everywhere, we're here on a more serious (and more beautiful) way amiga bone 4 is class and We find a real amiga that I weep:

In my case my Broadcom gigabit network card was not recognized, after a lap on the supported hardware list ( ), I brought out an old 3Com of the drawer and I changed in the prefs for the driver etherlink3 adequate, it crashed the app, owb and the workbench (pardon wanderer), I rebooted and it works nickel! We are of course an amiga! :)

And I am amazed by OWB, the browser responds well, works in full! Websites with complex CSS too, it's nickel, it only lacks the flash.

AmiBridge / Janus UAE to launch your old amiga games

I invite you to read the doc in pdf format that comes with or available on the site of Icaros, which explains how best exploited AmiBridge, which allows to properly install 68k applications of your old amiga to make an icon Easy to launch in an emulated environment.

And also, use Whdmenu with Whdload and UAE on ARos (to have a menu with the wallets as for mame):

For the bearded and linuxian and about portages of games:

The SDL library is already on Aros, with gcc, it is enough (almost) to recompile SDL games of linux or OS4 on Aros.
Note that there is a real linux bash shell in addition to the amiga shell: type sh in an amiga shell and you end up on a linux shell (with find, grep, sed, etc).
So I came out a tetris in C and lib Sdl that I had started writing a few years ago on linux and that huno had recompiled on os4 and it is recompile without problem on aros:
I will try to recompile others in the weeks to come with the help of Huno who has already worn by evil games on os4 like that ...

Multiboot with linux:

If linux is already installed, with gparted, fdisk, parted or the tool you like better, the easiest way is to create free space, delete a partition (that of xp in my case), or resizant partition.
Then run the Aros installer by choosing "use free space", it will prepare the partition and then ask you to restart. The next time choose "Aros partition".
Warning: the boot menu will be lost and the boot to linux input also (if you choose to let it install its own grub menu)!
So first get a grub config on a sub or other key from linux (in / boot / grub, the file is called menu.lst or grub.cfg in general).
After installing Aros, boot to Aros and edit its grub config file: open a shell from the menu and type sys: tools / editor sys: boot / grub / grub.cfg, and add a menu paragraph Entry ", attention if linux is installed on the 2nd partition we must put (hd0,2) and not (hd0,1):
Menuentry "Fedora 13" {
Set root = (hd0,2)
Linux / vmlinuz .....
Initrd / initramfs ............

Save and restart ...

Last news :

Commore USA has bought the right to use the Amiga brand (thanks for the precision of screetch) and would have the project to release new amiga under Aros (release of August 31, 2010):

And to go further on the subject Aros:

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  • by tito (Zaclynaute) - 05/10/2010 07:51

    ok, merci pour la précision, je corrige ...

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    CommodoreUSA n'a pas racheté la marque Amiga. Elle a juste acheté une licence pour avoir le droit d'utiliser la marque Amiga. Grosse nuance.

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